Frequently Asked Questions

Unfinished & Non Standard Finishes

We get many requests for stain colors different from what we have in stock.  The majority of our cabinets are stained one color when built, then immediately boxed for shipping.  We are beginning to offer limited quantities of custom finished gun cabinet.  Some examples can be seen online at .  Prices for most custom colors begin at $75 and go up and are non-refundable.  Some smaller wall mounts can be finished for $40.00.  We also offer most of our popular models unfinished. Inventory is limited and changes frequently so please call for availability.

Shipping Lower 48 States Only

We pay the first $100 dollars of your common carrier freight cost.  This covers ALL the freight cost on 75% of locations we ship to in the lower 48 states.  In the event your freight cost is higher we'll bill you the difference, always with notice.  We won't bill you without your consent, if you don't consent we'll refund your money.ANY EXTRA DELIVERY SERVICE MUST BE PREPAID.   Examples of extra charges that must be prepaid: Inside delivery or lift gate delivery.  Any charges in excess of the standard "curbside delivery" will be charged back to the customer.  For example if you request the driver help bring the item inside you will be charged back for the cost of the service at least $100.00.  Items weighing over 50 lbs will be shipped common carrier to your curbside.  Any additional special services like "inside delivery" should be requested and paid for at the time of order, otherwise you'll pay the undiscounted price direct to the freight carrier.   Smaller items will be shipped via Federal Express or the United States Post Office.  Common carrier cabinets will be delivered to your curbside (where available) and removed from the truck by the driver.  Special arrangements can be made for delivery inside the home for an extra fee usually at least $100.00.  Sorry we cannot ship to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada.
The carrier calls you to schedule delivery when the cabinet arrives at the delivering terminal usually within 5-10 business days.  An adult signature will be required upon delivery to verify receipt of the cabinet in good condition.   PLEASE OPEN & INSPECT THE CABINET ON ARRIVAL AND REFUSE DELIVERY OF DAMAGED FREIGHT.

Shipping Damage

We have great service from the trucking companies we deal with. However, sometimes shipping damage can occur. It is extremely important to inspect and note and REFUSE DELIVERY of Damaged Freight.  Holes, dents, tears, etc. should be noted when you refuse delivery. These notations will allow us to make a claim for shipping damage on your behalf. Failure to do so makes it extremely difficult to make a claim. If there is shipping damage and you have refused your delivery, you can email us or call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-543-5390 or fax us at 1-417-673-3642. We will take care of all of the necessary arrangements to have the problem resolved.  Remember REFUSE delivery of damaged freight by writing "refused for freight damage" on the freight bill.  Then call us for a replacement or refund.

We are unable to guarantee our quality and standards of service on items shipped outside the continental United States.  The high cost of shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada plus the increased likelihood of damage during the lengthy trip make shipping impossible.

Return Policy

Inspect and refuse delivery of any damaged product.  We gladly replace freight damaged goods but it is the customers great and sometimes difficult responsibly to spot freight damage .  The product and packaging leaves in perfect condition, make written note of ANYTHING that is not in perfect condition, packaging or contents on arrival.  Refuse delivery of obviously damaged freight by writing refused for freight damage.  Also make written notes of any of the following signs of MISS HANDLING even if you don't see actual damage (rub marks, slide marks, holes, rips, dents, rounded corners, wet packaging etc).   As long as we have note on the freight bill we can help.  All returns incur a 25% restocking fee,  So if you sign for the products without written exception notes (damage notes, refusal) it can only be returned for a 25% restock fee plus the cost of the return freight.  Freight can only be picked up from the address to which it was originally delivered to and must be in the original packaging (including pallets). 

Replacement Keys

In most cases we have replacement keys for our Gun Cabinets and Display Furniture.  We will ship one set of replacement keys for $20.00 in the event you lose your keys.  In the unlikely event we don't have replacement keys we may elect to send you a new lock.  If we don't have a replacement key or we are sending a second set you may be charged a nominal fee.

Glass Change / Silk-screens

The silkscreen is very durable. One can use non-ammonia window cleaner or a clean damp rag on the artwork which is always on the inside of the door.  However we advise you not to soak the inside artwork or to allow the cleaner to sit on the glass for long periods as it may weaken the bond.

We can change the glass in your cabinet to a different silk screen or plain tempered glass for $40.00.  The cabinet are stored in a warehouse seven miles from the factory.   The reason for the charge is the cabinets are returned to the factory opened, the glass changed, , inspected and re-boxed and finally shipped.  We switch the glass etch off one cabinet to another as long as the glass sizes are the same.   Most of the door sizes are standardized so usually you can have the glass off one eight gun cabinet installed on another eight gun cabinet.

Custom Gun Cabinet Finish Color

Cabinets ship as pictured on the website.  Due to differences in computer monitor manufacture and individual settings on the monitors like color and brightness settings we can't guarantee the cabinet you receive will be an exact match to what you see on your computer monitor.  Differences are possible in what you see and what you may print out on your computer printer.  For the vast majority of people they find the online gun cabinet photos true to life.  We can make a representative finish sample that we can ship to your home to validate the color you would receive.  There is a small charge of $7.99 for priority shipping.    We update frequently the photographs and the available cabinets however there are times when the photo may differ slightly from the cabinets shipped.  Each piece of wood can take the same color stain differently, which only adds to the character of real wood.  Custom finished cabinets can not be returned after delivery. 

Gun Cabinet Factory Seconds

Factory seconds are cabinets that have slight cosmetic or blemish problems.  In ALL CASES the cabinets are completely functional.  There are various reasons for cabinets ending up as seconds.  For example some seconds can include damaged cabinets that we have repaired or where two adjacent parts don't take stain the same resulting in a slightly mismatched colors.  So while perfectly functional, some cosmetic imperfections or repairs are visible on close inspection.  Often times our repairs are so good the reason for the cabinet being a second difficult to spot.  Since the cabinets are not perfect we offer them at a significant discount but let the customer know that they are not our first quality.  Second quality cabinets availability are limited and do change so please call for a current update.

Extra Packaging Options Starting at $100

We build a wood crate out of 3” wide x ¾” thick wood slats around the existing heavy double wall corrugated carton.  This helps bump damage from the other freight as it travels.  The cabinets are packaged in cartons with foam corners.    The other option for additional shipping protection and may be even more helpful,  we strap with steel banding the carton to a pallet, if it stays on the pallet the duration of the trip (which doesn’t always happen).   It prevents the other freight from getting close enough to damage our shipment and prevents tipping damage as well which is a potential problem.  If our gun cabinets tip over and fall while in the carton, the carton doesn’t look damaged and the cabinet and glass are ok, but what happens is the hinges may be bent slightly preventing proper closure of the door.   Those are the options and reason for using either our  wood crate and palletized carton options for Scout Products gun cabinets.

Custom Gun Cabinets

We can install a custom cut and stained 1/4" plywood to replace the door glass starting at $55.00.  Most glass doors can be replaced with solid wood raised panel doors starting at $75.00. Plain glass can be installed or switched with another cabinet if available for $45.00.  Since 2007 most of are larger pine cabinets come STANDARD with a plywood back.

Custom Gun Cabinet are not economical to produce.   Scout Products LLC manufactures to inventory in large production runs of identical cabinets.  Economies of scale are achieved by building in large quantities and we pass our cost savings on to you our customer.  We have been increasing the number of custom jobs we accept.  By closly communitcating with you about your wants and needs in a project, as well as managing expectation, costs and time we have satisfied many customer's custom needs.   Please call us toll free 1-800-543-5390 with your idea for a free consultation. We'll be happy to work with you to quote your dream. Please note: products made to customer specifications ie custom work cannot be returned. 

Holiday Shipping and Hours of Operation

Cabinet orders shipped by December 14th without modifications (installed lighting, custom finishes and glass changes) will be shipped to arrive before Christmas.  Many cabinets ordered after Dec. 14th will still arrive before Christmas, however we DO NOT GUARANTEE there arrival for orders received after December 14th. We will make every effort to ship all orders in a timely fashion.  We will continue to ship orders received after Dec. 15th and many will arrive before Christmas.  Smaller FedEx items are excluded and will ship until Dec 22nd.  Expedited delivery is available on all FedEx items and pickup at our dock is available.  We have no expedited delivery on items weighing over 80 lbs.   Telephones are answered 8:00-6:00 central time Monday - Saturday.  Scout Products offices are closed December 23rd-26th.

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